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Vegetable & Fruit Cutter

Vegetable & Fruit Cutter Vegetable & Fruit Cutter

Cut down on your prep time and increase profits with Furnotel automatic vegetable cutter series. We have developed 3 different models for different users. With the multi-purpose electric vegetable cutter, you can get your vegetable slicing or shredding quickly and efficiently, most important, you will get the job done effortlessly.

The electric vegetable cutter FFVC-0403 is also the first model in ABS material casing, beautiful appearance, light weight, perfect for open kitchen like live cooking show. With a powerful motor that provides 1500RPM, the electric vegetable and fruit cutting machine will get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

The ones in aluminium alloy have two kinds of designs. One for process long and thin vegetable, another for both small and big size vegetable and fruits. The machine FFVC-0603B actually combines two sizes feed chutes into one, smart design to fit different shapes of food. With these two machines, you can quickly process food to achieve different results with an excellent finish. 5pcs standard knife discs will be equipped as attachment, 3 grating discs and 2 slicing discs. The components are manufactured from materials suitable for food handling and can be easily removed for fast cleaning. Powerful and low-noise can perform all processes effortlessly. 

Food preparation can be one of the most time-intensive parts of any food service operation, and adding a food processor to your kitchen's arsenal is a great way to cut down on that time! This food processor boasts a continuous feed design so you can slice, grate, and shred fresh ingredients for just about anything on your menu non-stop, with greater speed and safety than prepping ingredients by hand.