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Proofer Proofer

Proofer is absolutely necessary for the bakery, especially for mass production. Using a dough mixer to mix flour and water, then put the dough into a proofer for the first fermentation. After a certain time, you can use this dough to make bread. Before moving to a bread oven, pans of bread can get a second fermenting in a proofer under different temperature and humidity to finally form special-shaped. So proofer is as important as a dough mixer or bread oven in bakeries.

"Maximum capacity, minimum space." The Furnotel commercial proofer is an excellent way to maximize kitchen space and add flexibility to production scheduling for bakeries, large supermarkets or central kitchens. Some models with performance temperature range from -3℃ to 40℃, also to be a retarder proofer. The space-saving combination eliminates the need for additional equipment by combining all the features of a proofing cabinet and a retarder into one unit.

In the proofing machines, the heat is always evenly distributed by the installed blower system. This will ensure a perfect rise of dough before baking.

Sturdy stainless steel construction with strong pan holders, allows you to hold prepared foods at proper setting temperatures and humidity for extended periods of time. Easy operating control panel is able to accurately set the temperature and humidity for food preserving, different proofing stage according to specific requirements. Touch panel design, the temperature and humidity can be controlled separately. Temperature adjust between 0~50℃, humidity adjust between 60% ~90%. With automatic constant temperature and humidity devise, thus, it’s also equipped with automatic water inlet devise and drainage system. It’s ideal for your food holding and proofing needs. With lighting inside, convenient to observe working condition.

The machine comes standard with heavy duty castors and a clear lexon door with aluminum frame. Pan holders for maximum 36 pans, really large capacity.