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Pizza & Sandwich Prep Station

Pizza & Sandwich Prep Station Pizza & Sandwich Prep Station

The prep station series includes pizza prep station, salad and sandwich prep station. 60mm thickness high density foam insulation provides excellent thermal insulation performance. Using Dixell Thermostat, high standard in the industry, accurate and exact temperature control, long service time. 

The cassette system is developed both by Australian experts and domestic experts, which is with patents intellectual property. Cooling unit can be fully removable, convenient for maintenance. Ventilated cooling type, EBM fan imported from Germany to provide long service life. On the top, well punching processing without burrs, gives elegant appearance and ideal ventilation effect. 

Whole product is welding-free design, which can avoid welding and polishing do harm to rust resistance of stainless steel. Wide door frame with buried heating wire, prevent frost on the door surface. Special design of the heating wire is convenient for replacement. The circuit of products is designed by European experts, adopted the quick union, labeling every wire, easy to check and maintain. 

When designing the interior of the machine, Furnotel refrigeration always seeks to a balance between beautiful appearance and convenience for users. Stretch forming stainless steel surface makes it very easy to clean. Adjustable shelves can support up to 30 KG. 

Control panel with punched air vents to strengthen the ventilation cooling. Using Dixell Thermostat, high standard in the industry, accurate and exact temperature control, long service time.

Pizza prep station has two kinds of worktop; stainless steel and marble worktop are available, providing a smooth place for making pizza. 

Prep table top of salad station provides plenty of space to assemble your culinary creations while the pan coolers gives you enough room to store prepared ingredients. Another kind salad station without tabletop gives more space for ingredient storage, is able to make more kinds of salad or sandwich.

The countertop display showcase can be used independently or placed over the pizza prep station. When is working with pizza station, the dimension can be customized.