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Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven Pizza Oven

Commercial pizza deck ovens are very crucial for bakeries. Different from wood fired oven, deck oven is more convenient and high efficiency. A commercial pizza deck oven turns your ingredients into a pizza fare-you-well that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Furnotel's newly released electric pizza oven uses unique design techniques to create a more visually appealing version of the popular commercial kitchen appliance.

It is ideal for chefs and hoteliers who want to make delicious pizza as those baked by wood fired oven, but are in locations where wood fired ovens are either prohibited or difficult to obtain.

The pizza oven has a smooth-action, counterweighted glass sliding door making it easy to clean and maintain. The in-floor electric element is controlled by a simple user-friendly touch button control system making the oven easy to operate.

Gas pizza oven is with the features of energy-saving and fast baking. One or two or three layers are available, design as excellent thermal insulation function, low energy consumption. Including emergency stop switch, easy to clean.

All pizza deck ovens are supplied as a 2 part assembly for easy installation. These pizza ovens come standard with legs and other required external insulation materials.

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