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Ice Maker Ice Maker

Ice cube or other shapes of ice are in big demand in food and beverage industry. But now the requirements are higher being more concerned with quality, can be viewed in the two aspects: one is the purity and quality of ice, the other is the variety of ice for special using.

Furnotel’s ice machines feature rapid cooling, according to the environment to adjust the ice thickness. The whole production cycle can effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria, clean and sanitary. With the temperature control cooling system and energy-saving chip, these machines are designed to be large output, long working life. You can see the particular features of different models below:

The combination model has three different looks for a variety of output, clients can select the desired one. Quality stainless steel 304 construction with black or brown ABS decoration, their machines are designed to be heavy-duty use, able to satisfy the demand for large quantity of ice, widely used in café, bar, supermarket, restaurant, ice factory and so on.

The separate model ice cube machine is designed to be heavy duty use, the large amount both in ice productivity and storage. With its simple, elegant form and crystalline purity, the ice cube is our most frequently requested ice. You’ll find ice cube fans all over the world.

Scale ice machine, aluminum alloy evaporator, whole formed in once, low failure rate. Computer intelligent control and automatic making ice, with fault prompt function. Compared with flake ice, scale ice has the advantage of lower resistance and less energy consumption, no noise and no crushed ice.

The blue light ice cube machine is leading the new trend of refrigeration equipment manufacturer. Using advanced deodorization technology, it's effective to sterilize and deodorize, ensure safety using ice. With LED light touch control panel and soft illumination design. Front-load air-filter, protect the machine and easy cleaning.