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Griddle Griddle

A griddle is a piece of cooking equipment where the cooking surface is flat or grooved with heat elements underneath. It's a kind of cookware with high flexibility due to the flat and easy clean surface, widely used in western restaurants and fast food chains.

Food is cooked directly on a griddle. A griddle is good for cooking many types of food, such as steak, bacon, fish, Burger pie, eggs, French toast, hash browns and other breakfast items.

The counter top series maximizes the flexibility of griddle machine. It can be placed on a stainless steel stand or open cabinet, combined with other machines to realize multifunction.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, corrosion resistant and easy cleaning. Chrome-plated griddle surface, grooved/flat cooking surface available. With splash board, non-sticking grease. Efficient heat transfer throughout the cooking area. Slightly sloped working surface, convenient for sauce cleaning.

Electric version: 1 to 3 Incoloy heating elements, temperature range 50-300℃, thermostatic pilot lights. Adjustable feet. Gas version: Gas type: NG/LPG. Safety thermocouples. Adjustable feet. Cast iron cooking surface, efficient heat transfer throughout the plate. Some models with two independent temperature controls, more convenient.

A commercial griddle is similar to a flat top but they're different in certain respects. For one thing, griddles are able to cook several kinds of food in one time, large and flat surface is enough for different foods cooking and griddles are easy cleaning the sauce with no need to flush the whole pan during continuously cooking. Also, an open operating space and flexible cooking methods give chefs more time and possibility for creative works.