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Using food processors is the fastest and easiest means of food preparation, they help the kitchen with slicing, dicing, tenderizing, mixing, and other prep tasks duties in the shortest time. Without a food processor, deploying by hand can be time –consuming and error-prone, such unnecessary waste when peeling a potato, different thickness of the cucumber slices.

Get food processors in kitchen whatever you will use on a regular basis and will get the most use out of.We are the best solution.

  • Potato Peeler

    Using food processors is the fastest and easiest means of food preparation, they help the kitchen with slicing, dicing, tenderizing, mixing, and other prep tasks duties in the shortest time. Without a... Potato Peeler
  • Medium-Duty 18kg Electric Potato Peeler FFPP-18

    SpecificationDimension540*620*1000mmVoltage220V~50/60HzPower1100W Volume28L/18kgCapacity240-500KG/HTimer0-5minMaterialStainless Steel 304 Medium-Duty 18kg Electric Potato Peeler FFPP-18
  • Vegetable & Fruit Cutter

    Cut down on your prep time and increase profits with Furnotel automatic vegetable cutter series. We have developed 3 different models for different users. With the multi-purpose electric vegetable cut... Vegetable & Fruit Cutter
  • Meat Slicer

    If your high-volume market or small butcher's shop, steakhouse is looking for a new commercial meat slicer, our selection of products is sure to have what your business needs. We offer semi-automatic ... Meat Slicer
  • Cheese Grater

    Commercial electric cheese grater, the aluminum alloy casing electric cheese grater has a large size feeding inlet and hopper for block of cheese and is designed to grate hard cheese for small to medi... Cheese Grater
10 principles for the use of the food processor

  • Before using the newly bought food processing machinery, we should read the instructions carefully. Focus on the performance of the machine, the method of operation, and the related matters of attention, and then put it to use after complete clarity.
  • Before using the kitchen food processors, we should place it on a stable, reliable and dry worktable, and the machine should be reopened after complete checking in accordance with the requirements.
  • We must select the processing tools according to the processed food. For example, when processing soybean milk, choose the reamer with the feed cup, and choose the cutting knife, processing vegetable silk or slice with the material cup.
  • According to the requirements of food processing, prepare well for processing.
  • The professional food processor must be started at the prescribed time. Different types of food processing machines have strict regulations on the start time.
  • We must comply with the electricity regulation, ensure the safe use of electricity, the food processing machine's motor, frame, power cord, plug and so on. We must pay attention to waterproofing, so as to prevent short circuit and rust. Dry the hand when pressing the switch in case of electric shock.
  • When the food processor is in operation, it should stop immediately once the blockage occurs, and it can be re-operated after the blockage has been eliminated.
  • When the food processor is finished, it must be cleaned in time, and the water should be cleaned with warm water and cold water. Do not use boiling water to prevent the body from changing. After cleaning, the body and parts should be kept dry. Once the dripping water is dried, the body or material cup will be inverted.
  • In case the cutting tool of the food processing machine becomes blunt, we can unload the tool and ground it with sand and grind.
  • After use, the food processing machine should be placed in the ventilated and dry place, it cannot be affected by moisture and heat, and it should also avoid the strong light.

Chinese kitchen food processors is favored by ASEAN merchants

Guangxi News Network - Guangxi daily Nanning news (reporter Huang Shan) On September 12, the 14th China-ASEAN Exposition food processing and packaging machinery forum, and purchasing and docking meeting were held in Nanning. The head of the China food and packaging machinery industry association and the leading enterprise representatives in China have offered advice on how to seize the Belt and Road opportunity. Some of the participating companies also conducted on-site docking with buyers from ASEAN countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

It is understood that the total industrial output value of China's food and packaging machinery industry reached 430 billion yuan in 2016, an annual increase of 12.53 percent, and the total export volume to ASEAN countries is constantly expanding. In this China-ASEAN Expo, there were 190 booths in the food processing and packaging machinery exhibition area which was located in the No.7 exhibition hall, intensively displaying food processing and packaging machines that met the needs of merchants from ASEAN countries in order to provide a platform for cooperation between China and ASEAN food packaging enterprises.

Zou Lijuan, head of the Vietnam purchasing group, said Vietnam's fruit production was rich, and the Vietnamese government encouraged enterprises to purchase the most advanced processing equipment. Compared with Europe, China's equipment is not only cheap but also good in quality. In this Expo, there were many scientific and technological achievements which were fit for Vietnamese companies, and she hoped to provide a platform for Chinese manufacturers to communicate with Vietnamese enterprises and bring these products back to Vietnam.