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Fast food chains are opening all over the world, so the fast food equipment are also hot sale in our company and we have done a lot of project in this field. We offer the professional equipment of high performance to meet the requirement of giving high-efficiency service store, maximize the use of space.

  • Pressure Fryer

    Pressure fryer is essential in a fast food restaurant, especially when its menu includes fried chicken - a whole chicken. Pressure frying is similar to open frying, except that after food is placed in... Pressure Fryer
  • Dough Mixer

    Dough MixersPerfect for bakeries, pizza and pastry shops, these series dough mixers can handle a wide variety of dough products most often used in the kitchen. Max kneading capacity from 8kg to 120kg,... Dough Mixer
Freezers, refrigerators, smoke lampblack machines, stoves and so on are important equipment that ensures fast-food restaurant kitchen run normally. So we must pay great attention to the quality of equipment. It would be really harmful to the daily operation once there is something wrong with this equipment. We must pay attention to the following notes:

1 Choose an honest seller

A good seller can ensure the quality of equipment and supplies because of his great strength, considerate service, good business reputation, long business history. Establishing good supply and marketing relationship can help resolve the problems by negation during the using process.

2 Establish a good brand

After choosing a seller, the next step is to determine the brand of equipment and supplies. Generally speaking, equipment and supplies of good brands are of great quality though they are very expensive. What's more, they do well in after- sale service, which can help reduce the anxiety of operators. The issue that foreign customers worry most about purchasing in China is after- sales service, however, Shinelong provides one-year warranty service. The engineers can go everywhere of the world for after- sales maintenance; some religion can offer maintenance in their local dealerships.

3 Shop around to ensure an appropriate purchasing price

The money that used in purchasing equipment and supplies takes a great proportion of fast-food restaurants venture capital so that we should be careful.  We can choose the seller who offers the most varieties after ensuring the specific equipment and supplies so that we can ask for discounts because we purchase on a large scale in order to save.

4 Take suggestions from the cook when purchasing

Kitchen equipment and supplies are used for the cook. Some cooks want to purchase equipment and supplies according to their personal habits and experience. The operators can combine the capital situation with the cook's advice for purchasing. So this can both satisfy the cook's determination and clear the usage of equipment and duties of maintenance in order to extend the lives of equipment and supplies.