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Deck Oven Deck Oven

A deck oven is a crucial piece of baking equipment when seeking to attain a beautiful, crusty loaf of bread. Having a quality deck oven is just as necessary for a bread bakery as heavy duty spiral mixer. While these ovens tend to take up more real estate in a bakery and require skilled bakers to operate; a deck's ability to produce loaves of hot bread around the clock will leave bread bakers very happy with the results.

These ovens have one deck, two decks or three decks, each deck can control independent. You can manually set different temperatures for each deck; which allows for more control, and the ability to bake a variety of different baked goods at once, sure that you can use even one deck for baking. Individual thermostats in every layer, with good heat insulation effect, no heat exchange between adjacent layers.

A deck oven, heat is transferred to the product being baked, deck oven use conduction heat to bake products. Conduction heating is a process in which heat travels directly from a hot stone or deck, to the loaf of bread or sheet pan being baked.

The ability to add steam with these types of ovens is also key in the bread baking process, and because deck ovens carry so much mass they have great recovery time and hold temperature very well.

When used properly, deck ovens are often a baker's best friend.

Ways of Proper Use and Precautions of the electric deck oven

An electric deck oven is a kitchen appliance that uses radiant heat from electric heating elements to roast food. It is divided into common type and far infrared according to the used electric heating element. According to the function of self-purification (the function that can automatically change the dirt in the box into the light ash that can be wiped out easily), it can be divided into self-purification and non-self-purification. The typical deck oven power is between 500 and 1500 watts.

1. The use of baking tray and roast net
  • The baking tray is mainly used to bake hamburger steak, chicken, duck, cookies, and bread. Baking nets can be used to bake peanuts, sunflower seeds or other food. Baking a cake uses with a baking net and a cake tin; When you roast a fish, use a baking net and a baking tray. No matter what kind of food is baked, only one set should be placed at a time so that the food is baked at the same time.

2. The operation steps of an automatic electric deck oven
  • the food that has been prepared for baking has been put into a baking dish that has been coated with edible oil;
  • plug in the power plug;
  • turn the switch to the full load gear, which is to heat up and down simultaneously, and turn the thermostat to the desired temperature position. After a certain period of time, the light is extinguished to indicate that the deck oven has reached the preheating temperature.
  • the grilled tray, which has been placed for the roast food, is put into the deck oven with a fork.
  • when the automatic timing control is needed, the timer is screwed to the scheduled baking time. If there is no need for automatic timing control, the timer is screwed to the "long connection" position.
  • in the process of baking, it is necessary to observe the heat of each part of the food at any time, and when necessary, the direction of the plate is transferred with a fork.
  • when the roasting arrives at the scheduled time, the switch and thermostat are turned back to the "off" position. The power plug is removed, and the food is removed. After the deck oven is cooled, wipe the furnace chamber, and other accessories.

3. What should be paid attention to when using an electric deck oven
  • the temperature of the top and the door of the electric deck oven is relatively high. Don't touch with your hands when you use it. When you take the baking tray, you must use the fork, so that you don't touch the heater or other parts of the furnace to avoid scalding.
  • the electric deck oven heater has thermal inertia when the electric heater is passed through the surface of the heater after 2^-3min, and it can reach the normal working temperature. When the power is broken, it will also take a certain amount of time to cool down. To understand the characteristics of the heater, it is convenient to connect or turn off the heater power in advance according to the baking degree of the food.
  • before the food is placed in the deck oven, the deck oven must be preheated first. Because of the heat of the furnace door and the food that is near the furnace door is always slightly less baked, in order to make all parts of the baking dish bake evenly, the baking tray can be turned in the half-way and then roasted.
  • in order to use electricity safely, the electric deck oven should have a good grounding wire.
  • after using the electric deck oven every time, and it should be cleaned after cooling. The baking tray and the roast net can be washed with water, but the deck oven door, the furnace chamber and the shell should not be washed with water, but with the dry cloth. When the deck oven and baking tray, the roast net is sticky on the food juice, it is not easy to wash after carbonization and it can be dipped in water with the cuttlefish bone or gently wipe off with detergent.
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