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The central cooking range is the soul of a commercial kitchen, is the essential part of the kitchen. Containing gas range, fryer, griddle, grill, pasta cooker, bain marie and others, the cooking range can be the free-standing type or countertop style, the ways of built-in or integrated are also common in a commercial kitchen, can be customized according to your need.

The 900 series, a performing product range of the compact design based on our long-term experience of manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment. High-quality workmanship, solid engineering, attractive design, combined with efficient technology, characterize the programme. Versatile functional modules and variants offer an almost infinite number of possibilities.

700 series. The harmonious shape of worktops is perfect for an easy cleaning, the shape and inclination of the knobs make it easy to use and read. With the new 700 Line, Furnotel has realized something more than other classic professional kitchens, a product able to respond to your needs of power, reliability and elegance.

The 7X Series appliances offer the chance to the flexible combination, without sacrificing the reliability and performance of a cooking range with beautiful appearance. 7X series is a small and variably combinable kitchen system. All the appliance combinations are available with open cabinets or stands for perfect connection.

Countertop series. As an attractive alternative to free-standing, the countertop series cooking range may be integrated into all kinds of cases offering the flexibility in combining and exchanging them. The new series of the appliance with professional cooking technology is particularly suitable for the constantly increasing snack sector, for example, snack bar or fast food chains and bakeries.

On demand the free-standing appliances may be seamlessly welded into one for a perfectly hygienic surface, all configuration on it can be customized. It will certainly be the particularly beautiful part of the kitchen.

How to Buy gas range? Furnotel Kitchen Equipment Teaches you Tricks

The gas range must be equipped with an automatic flameout protection device.

It should be combined with the installation and the actual demand, choose a desktop or embedded products

Selection of range cookers according to the type of hose interface

As soon as the Cooking range is mentioned, many people may say, "it is just a gas range, you can do it." Recently, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine took a sample of 90 batches of gas range products, and 17 batches of products were unqualified, involving 13 items such as carbon monoxide concentration and thermal efficiency in drying flue gas. Many foreign friends also reflect that there are too many gas tools in the market, and sometimes they don't know how to choose.

So, do you consider or inquire about the related items when you buy a gas tool? Is gas leakage due to disqualification of gas cooker? Have you ever had a situation where gas is not allowed because gas cooker is not qualified? Today, Furnotel Kitchen Equipment consultant experts teach you how to buy the cooking range.

It must be equipped with automatic extinguishing device. According to the "household gas cooker" issued by the state, the enterprise does not allow the production of stoves with no flameout protection device. If the flame is extinguished by wind or water, the extinguishing protection device should be cut off in 60 seconds, otherwise, the protection device is not qualified.

Choose the product according to the gas source. At present, there are several types of gas sources, such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and so on. When users purchase gas cooker, they should choose products that match with the gas source and prohibit mixing. The product packing box should have a clear gas source sign.

Countertop cooking range or embedded products should be selected in combination with installation and actual needs. The kitchen gas range used by the general hotel restaurant is recommended to select the desktop and choose the appropriately embedded gas range in China.

According to the relevant regulations, the fixed number of years for the gas stove is 8 years. When buying, we must check out the time of the factory so as not to buy the expired or discarded products. At the same time, the purchase of gas cookers must find regular suppliers to buy, choose the regular brand products, and our products are insured for more than 1 years.