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As the main roles in the kitchen, the cooking equipment combines variety equipment suiting to complete cooking methods. Available with countertop and freestanding type, gas and electric models, features the compact structure but uncompromised functions.

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Western-style food is the general term for people in the eastern countries to call. Thanks to different historical and cultural backgrounds and local customs and practices, the kitchen wares used in western food kitchen are varied from those used in Chinese food kitchen. The western cuisine is mainly baked, fried, grilled and braised, paying much attention to the flavors and seasoning of cook as well as the grade of maturity and nutrient hygiene. The kitchen of western—style food is chiefly divided as western cuisine main kitchen, western food cold room, western cake room, where have different processed dishes varieties and kitchen fittings. The western kitchen has a detailed division of labor, and a variety of kitchen fittings for specific uses with the degree of relatively high and perfect mechanization. Next, we will introduce several kinds of kitchen fittings of western food that are commonly used:

1. Griddle that is flat: it is primarily used for such as roast beef and meat in western—style food which need the equipment that operates easily and heat more quickly. By using it, it can satisfy the customers who want to bake and fry the food in short time.

2. Oven: there is the oven of surface fire, which is a kind of vertical griddle. The middle of firepot has a hob, which can be promotion and demotion generally. The heat source is on the top, commonly compliant for color and skin heating of raw materials.

3. Fryer: the fryer is dispensable for western—style food, because many customers in the western restaurant will order relevant fried food. It is often seen that the fryers are in restaurants like KFC and MacDonald. The common fried chicken drumsticks and fried chicken wings are made by means of this equipment.

4. Rotary oven: not all food in western restaurant are fried.

5. Many food are made with rotary oven, which can rotate 360 degree completely and quickly.

6. Toaster is a small equipment for toasted bread through electric heating. It can be used in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and family. It is of easy operation, and is dedicated device for toasted bread. And there are types for toasting two, four or six pieces respectively.

Industry experts tell you how to choose and maintain the western-style kitchen equipment?

In accordance with the performance, fryer can be divided into two kinds: electric fryer and gas fryer; In accordance with the shape, fryer can be divided : vertical electric fryer, table electric fryer; In accordance with the function, fryer can be divided : single cylinder electric fryer, double cylinder electric fryer, three-cylinder electric fryer, multi-purpose electric fryer.

Electric fryer application: The cylinder body about electric fryer and deep fryer cylinder is made of high-quality steel, which can fry chicken legs, chicken wings, squid, sausage, potato chips, fried fish, chicken claw, steak, hamburgers, kebab, chicken fillet, stinky tofu, mushrooms, vegetables and so on. With small size, it is suitable to make fried foods to sale in the leisure and entertainment area such as bars, disco bars, hotels and markets, commercial streets, stations, schools, amusement parks.

Fault phenomenon and elimination

The switch light is off.  Power switch fuse is blown.
1. Replace the appropriate fuse;
2. Tighten the power cord;

Red and green indicator lamps light at the same time.
1. The connection of electric heat pipe is loose.
2. The electric heat pipe is burnt out; The green indicator lamp is not off; The oil temperature rise and it cannot be controlled; The thermostat failure. Replace the thermostat.

The indicator lamp is not light.
1. Control normally oil temperature.
2. The indicator lamp is burnt out.
3. Replace the indicator lamp.

Small electric fryer can be used as commercial or household products. You can make the fried food by small electric fryer at home. We can ensure product quality and we will replace it free if there is any problem.

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