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    Furnotel automatic coffee machine has perfected the complete brewing process for espresso. That's why the new series is able to prepare coffee to the same standard as the best coffee bars. You can ma... Automatic Coffee Machine

The Cleaning and Maintenance of the Full Automatic Coffee Machine

Many friends who like coffee have an automatic coffee machine in offices or families, but few of them take care of it seriously, which greatly reduces the service life of coffee machine.

The main maintenance of the automatic coffee machine is the regular cleaning of limescale and coffee oil.

After full use of coffee machine for a period of time, there will be some limescale on the inner wall and wall of the boiler. If people don't clean it in time, there will be little or no coffee. If the number of coffee cups is not so many every day, it is recommended to clean the water system of the coffee machine every quarter. Supermarkets or professional coffee companies have professional cleaning agents to sell. If many coffee cups are made every day and the coffee machine is used frequently, that is recommended to be cleaned once a month. During cleaning, we must grasp the amount of cleaning agent, because the cleaning agent has certain corrosiveness. When cleaning the pipeline, it will cause some corrosion to the boiler or pipeline of the coffee maker (It is contradictory but cannot be solved ). There is also a situation when some friends seldem care for the coffee machine, it takes a very long time to clean. In fact, this is not very good. If the limescale in the coffee machine is too much but you want to clean it once and for all, it will cause a situation when a lot of cleaned limescale will block up the water conveyance pipe of the coffee machine (If you are in this case, it is suggested that you should clean the limescale through a number of continuous cleaning methods).

The cleaning of coffee oil

This is mainly about the maintenance of theinner part of full automatic coffee machine. After a period of usage, the coffee machine will put a layer of coffee oil on the bean machine. If there is too much coffee oil, the machine will appear the phenomenon of grinding and skidding. The coffee machine can't grind coffee beans, which will affect the normal function of the coffee machine. In this case, you need to take the machine out of the coffee machine and remove the coffee oil - it's best to find a professional coffee company.