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Automatic Coffee Machine

Automatic Coffee Machine Automatic Coffee Machine

Furnotel automatic coffee machine has perfected the complete brewing process for espresso. That's why the new series is able to prepare coffee to the same standard as the best coffee bars. You can make the best espresso or cappuccino of all time-at the touch of a button, very easy to use.

The innovative nozzle technology prepares fine, compact and very tempting milk foam. The machine switches from milk to milk foam fully automatically. Thanks to a world first, the adjustable milk and milk foam temperature, it is possible to create sophisticated trend specialties to professional barista standard – at just the touch of a button.

Furnotel coffee machines are self-explanatory, easy and intuitive to use. To name just one example, the filter cartridge and coffee machine are wirelessly linked by RFID technology. The machine automatically recognizes the filter and selects the appropriate settings.

The packs are incredible performance into compact dimensions. All the control elements are conveniently accessible on the front. The removal of the water tank and refilling of the bean container also take place conveniently from the front. The user can rename the different specialty coffees and position them on the start screen. There are no limits to the imagination. Maintenance is just as easy as preparing a coffee: one touch of a button is all that's needed.

What is the Attention of the Automatic Coffee Machine?

Coffee is a popular choice for refreshing products. In order to make customers enjoy coffee better and more convenient, many manufacturers have created the automatic coffee machine. But most coffee lovers may not be able to use the automatic coffee machine correctly and properly. So, to make coffee machines better for people who don't know much about coffee machines, here are some tips for fully automatic coffee machine, hoping they could take effect:

What is the attention of the automatic coffee machine?

1. The location of the automatic coffee machine is very important, which will not only affect the function of the coffee machine but also play a role in the maintenance of the coffee machine itself. The automatic coffee machine cannot be placed on the wall, which will affect the cooling function of the machine. Be at least 10 cm above the wall.

2. Put the automatic coffee machine to flat place as much as possible. Otherwise, the coffee machine will make too much noise and the function of making coffee is not smooth.

3. The fully automatic coffee machine should be placed in a dry and ventilated room.

4. Avoid frequent moving automatic coffee machine, as well as strong external force impact. It will affect the overall function of the coffee machine.

5. Use a 220V power socket, better with a current protection measure. Otherwise, an unsuited current can cause the coffee machine to leak and burn out.

6. If there is a long period of the vacant period without the fully automatic coffee machine, the total power supply of the machine should be turned off. And wash the bean box of the coffee machine and leave it dry.

7. In the process of brewing the coffee, the automatic coffee machine is prohibited from moving any part of the coffee machine if it is not finished.

8. we should pay attention to checking the possibility of pure water or too little pure water in the water tank of the coffee machine before use. If you don't check carefully in advance, it's very dangerous for a fully automatic coffee machine. In particular, some coffee machines do not have water level tips.

The attention of fully automatic coffee machine is to pay attention to details, and the mission of the coffee machine is to make a cup of strong coffee. The limitation of time and space allows consumers to enjoy the pleasant experience of coffee. The disassembly or cleaning of the automatic coffee machine must be done by the professional staff. And be careful not to let the children be able to grasp the machine in case of the accident.