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Asian Gas Series

Asian Gas Series Asian Gas Series

New Gas Cooking Equipment

Furnotel Asian gas series contain barbecue grill, flat griddle, gas range, and fryer. Design to be heavy duty used, this range with the features of stable firepower, environmentally friendly and low gas consumption, widely used in barbecue restaurants, hotels, school canteens, armies, etc.

Asian series gas cooking equipment, strong and stable firepower, environmentally friendly, non-deflagration, the gas consumption is two thirds lower than the traditional gas stove. Concision style, high standards for details. Easy operation and simple daily cleaning. 

The Asian series adopts durable 304 stainless steel construction, high-quality copper valves, good airtightness. Adjustable supply air volume for adjusting the size of the flame. You can use natural gas or liquefied gas.

Gas flat griddle with stand, 1200mm wide, large cooking area, evenly heat distribution. With splash board, non-sticking grease, simple exterior design and brushed finish, easy to clean. Removable oil collection tray under burners.

Gas barbecue grill with stand, stainless steel cooking grid, 1200mm wide, large cooking area. Under the cooking grid, there are 4 bar-burners, independently controlled. Removable oil collection tray under burners.

Gas burner range with stand, open burners with raised cast iron pot-support. 7 open burners, one is double-ring, 8 gas valves controlled. Extremely low emission value, high efficiency, removable oil collection trays under burners. Another kind of gas range is flat cooktop, a whole cast iron grid as pot-support for all the burners, suitable for any size of pots. 

Gas fryer with 2-tank 2-basket, cast iron H-shaped burners, evenly heat distribution, high efficiency, heavy-duty use. Oil tanks removable, with plastic, coated heat-resistant handles.