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700 900 Series Cooking Equipment

700 900 Series Cooking Equipment 700 900 Series Cooking Equipment

The 700/900 series, a performing product range of the compact design based on our long-term experience of manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment.

High-quality workmanship, solid engineering, attractive design, combined with efficient technology, characterise the programme. Versatile functional modules and variants offer an almost infinite number of possibilities. Efficiency comes by way of the user-friendly design and the high-speed burners and element heat up rapidly, the modular system mix the best solution of each cooking unit.

Gas range. The 700/900 series, manufactured in accordance with the European Standards. 4-burner and 6-burner gas range, robust and strong execution, stainless steel made. Newly-designed door handles. Burners manufactured from brass, making them more durable. Piezoelectric ignition system for the oven and table burners.

Fryers. The series fryers have thermostatic temperature control in the temperature range. A safety thermostat and drainage tap to make it easier to clean the machine.
Gas deep fryer: Cast iron burners. Automatic burner ignition by means of an electromagnetic valve, with pilot light and thermocouple.
Electric deep fryer: Shielded heating elements in stainless steel. Pilot light to indicate heating. Control by thermostat.
Standard with stainless steel tank, front, sides and backsplash. Two twin-plated, mesh fry baskets with plastic coated, heat resistant handles. Built-in heating elements, regulation by thermostat; protection against overheating. Full pot drain valve to eliminate clogs. 100% safety shut-off.

Griddles. The particular design allows one to cook fish, meat and vegetables, preventing fat from burning. All components can be easily disassembled for regular operations of maintenance and cleaning. Large compartment completely in steel. Stainless steel tubular dual-flame burner, to heat two cooking zones controlled by their respective controls.

Lava rock Grill. All stainless steel construction, manufactured in accordance with the European Standards. Cooking grid manufactured from cast iron, unique technology makes it lighter than usual making. Gas distribution by a safety valve with thermocouple. Continuous heating regulation. All components can be easily disassembled for regular operations of maintenance and cleaning.

Pasta cookers. Worktop in stainless steel. Pressed basin with large rounded edges completely made in stainless steel. Water circulation guaranteed by a drilled bottom that ensures the baskets kept away from the basin base. Full pot drain valve to eliminate clogs. The classic mechanical pasta cooker with high performance heating element, speed cooking.

Bain marie. Worktop in stainless steel. Incoloy stainless steel heating elements positioned out of the basin. Electronic regulation of power. Large stainless steel basin to facilitate cleaning operations. Front drain cock with safety system to avoid accidental opening.

Hot plate cooker. The heating elements are hermetically sealed to the working top and controlled by 3-position switches. The particular design and the labyrinth system of the knobs assure protection from water infiltration.

Work Table. Same altitude and profundity with 700/900 series, perfectly combination, providing available space for cooking.