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Which Equipment is Commonly Used in Hotel Kitchen Equipment?

Which Equipment is Commonly Used in Hotel Kitchen Equipment? Which Equipment is Commonly Used in Hotel Kitchen Equipment?

Star hotels mostly have Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant, coffee bar, dessert area, staff restaurant and so on. What equipment is commonly used in hotel kitchen equipment?

The kitchen equipment of the hotel is divided into Chinese cooking gas stove, western cooking stove, stainless steel conditioning, refrigeration equipment, baking equipment, heat preservation equipment, pasta machinery, meat processing machinery, dishwashing disinfection equipment, smoke extraction equipment and so on. The following is a list of equipment commonly used in hotel kitchen equipment, but for reference only.

1. Gas cookers for Chinese meals: small stir-frying stoves, three-door seafood steaming cabinets, four or six-head cookers, single-end or double-end low soup stoves, double-end and double-tail gas cooking stoves, double-end and single-tail gas cooking stoves, double-end gas cooking stoves, single-head gas cooking stoves and other hotel kitchen equipment.
2. Western food stoves: kitchen facilities in hotels such as cookers, grills, explosion stoves, pasta stoves, volcanic stoves, electric baking stoves, omnipotent steaming ovens, elevated surface stoves, cooking stoves, heat preservation dining cars, soup warmers, dish warmers, etc.
3. Stainless steel conditioning: stainless steel three-star pool, stainless steel double-star pool, stainless steel conditioning cabinet, stainless steel double-deck worktable, stainless steel matching rack, stainless steel tall cupboard, stainless steel four-deck, five-deck shelf, stainless steel hanger and other hotel kitchen equipment
4. Refrigeration equipment: List of hotel kitchen equipment, such as Vertical Four-door, Six-door Refrigerator, 1.2-meter, 1.5-meter 1.8-meter Flat Refrigerator, Large Ice Maker, Refrigerator, etc.
5. Baking equipment: single-layer, double-layer and three-layer gas oven for cake and bread, single-layer, double-layer and three-layer electric oven for cake and bread, bread waking box, small egg beater, pastry machine and other kitchen equipment.
6. Pasta equipment: list of kitchen equipment such as dough mixer, flour press, multi-functional mixer, electric cake clang, etc.
7. Meat processing machinery: meat grinder, mutton slicer, bone sawing machine and other kitchen equipment
8. Dish-washing and disinfection equipment: Long-Dragon dishwasher, double-door hot air circulating disinfection cabinet, high-pressure sprinkler, flushing faucet and other hotel kitchen equipment list.
9. Ventilation and smoke exhaust equipment: smoke hood, smoke exhaust fan, lampblack purifier, smoke exhaust pipe, etc.
10. Coffee bar equipment: fully automatic coffee machine, semi-automatic double-ended coffee machine, coffee bean grinder, water purifier, silent sand ice machine, boiler, etc.
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