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What Kinds of Kitchen Equipment are there?

What Kinds of Kitchen Equipment are there? What Kinds of Kitchen Equipment are there?

What kinds of kitchen equipment are there? Where can I buy it? Can they provide a complete kitchen set? Is stainless steel equipment customizable in hotels? First, what kinds of kitchen equipments are there?

1. Cooking kitchen equipment; small stir-frying stove, large pot stove, low soup stove, steamed noodles stove, induction cooker, steamed rice car, etc.
2. Processing kitchen equipment; vegetable cutter, meat grinder, rice washer, dough mixer, meat cutter, stainless steel single star pool, stainless steel three-star pool, etc.
3. Storage equipment; Stainless steel rice shelf, stainless steel cupboard, stainless steel shelf, stainless steel storage operation desk, refrigeration freezer, refrigeration flat cabinet, fresh-keeping display cabinet, 1.5 meters refrigeration operation desk, etc. Hotel stainless steel equipment.
4. Recycling room kitchen equipment; dishwasher, mess table, dishwasher, cupboard, warm dish cabinet, etc.
5. Dispensing kitchen equipment; stainless steel condiment table, stainless steel dish table, stainless steel small table, etc.
The kitchen equipment list of the small canteen needs to be configured according to the cuisine provided by your canteen. First of all, as far as the dining time is concerned, some canteens only provide lunch, and some canteens have lunch and dinner. Some canteens provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, so the number of kitchen equipment in small canteens varies. Secondly, the dishes provided by the canteen; some canteens are mainly Chinese fast food, some canteens are Chinese fast food and pasta, and some canteens are mainly Chinese fast food, pasta and buffet. What kinds of hotel electrical appliances are relatively simple, ordinary hotels will be equipped with double-head and double-temperature cooking stoves, soup cookers, rice steamers, four-door refrigerators, 1.5-meter refrigeration operation desk, 1.8-meter refrigeration flat operation desk, six fresh-keeping display cabinets, stainless steel single-star pool, dishwasher, cupboard, stainless steel four-storey shelves, stainless steel double-storey shelves and other hotel stainless steel equipment.
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