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What Kind of Kitchen Equipment do Fast Food Restaurants Have?

What Kind of Kitchen Equipment do Fast Food Restaurants Have? What Kind of Kitchen Equipment do Fast Food Restaurants Have?

Abstract: Many people have this wish to open a fast food restaurant and deal with food every day.

The kitchen is the place where delicious food is made, so choosing special kitchen equipment can make cooking better and faster. Speaking of kitchen equipment, I believe you are not unfamiliar. Kitchen equipment, refers to the kitchen special cooking equipment, such as: cooking utensils, electrical appliances and so on. Whether household kitchen equipment or hotel kitchen equipment, its main basic equipment and facilities are nothing more than pots, bowls, ladles and other kinds of utensils. The hotel kitchen equipment is different, in addition to pots and pans, there are also some refrigeration equipment, kitchen tools, catering utensils and so on. So, what are the main fast food kitchen equipment?

Fast food restaurant kitchen equipment - refrigeration equipment
Refrigeration equipment, including refrigerators, desktop freezers and so on, has an irreplaceable role in setting up refrigeration equipment in the kitchen, which can better preserve fresh food. In addition, it also includes water purification equipment, microwave oven, mixer, electric oven and a series of products.

Fast food restaurant kitchen equipment - catering equipment
Some kitchen equipment, but also spare Chinese and Western, whether Western or Chinese, without pots, bowls and ladles basin. Large-scale hotels have everything in them and are well-used. Generally speaking, the kitchen is well equipped, but not so particular.

Fast food restaurant kitchen equipment - sanitary equipment
In the kitchen, the most important thing is hygiene. To be able to cook hundreds of delicious dishes is no match for the importance of hygiene. Sanitary equipment is very important, such as disinfection cabinet, fly killer, dishwasher and so on. High-end kitchens will be equipped, no need to worry about health and safety.

Fast food restaurant kitchen equipment - environmental protection equipment
Environmental protection equipment refers to fume sewage, liquid sewage, etc. The kitchen is clean, not only food, but also utensils, and the environment is clean, the naked eye can not see bacteria, too much fume harms the human body. So we must have environmental protection equipment to eliminate the hazards of lampblack.

Fast food restaurant kitchen equipment - other equipment
In addition, it should be equipped with air-conditioning equipment, kitchen tools: kitchen boards, knives, clamps, shovels, pans, pallets, etc.
Supplies and equipment: Fresh-keeping boxes, barrels, basins, electric fans, storage cabinets, etc. It is necessary to have fire fighting equipment to help avoid accidents.
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