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Precautions and Suggestions for the Use of Full Automatic Coffee Machine

Precautions and Suggestions for the Use of Full Automatic Coffee Machine Precautions and Suggestions for the Use of Full Automatic Coffee Machine

Make a note of some "improper operation" in the process of the coffee machine automatic, and provide some suggestions for reference.


  • Do not pour the water into the bean bowl, pour the beans into the sink, and do not put the foreign body in the sink, bean trough and powder trough;
  • In the process of making coffee, do not forcibly take out the bean dregs box, coffee maker, waste water tank, water tank, etc
  • The tank can only hold cold water. Do not install hot water or warm water.
  • When turning on the steam or boiling water switch, do not put the hand under the steam head to test the temperature to avoid scalding;
  • Do not use the machine cleaning brush or cleaning agent, so as not to damage the appearance of the coffee machine, Please wipe with a soft cloth dipped in water;
  • If the water tank is filled with water, the beans should not exceed the MAX line. If there is no MAX line, it can be filled with 80 percent.
  • Make coffee, machine self-check and reset, do not power off during automatic cleaning;
  • If you have a coffee trough, add a spoonful of powder (add only one tablespoon, measure the use of the coffee machine with powder spoon) and do not put the powder into a bean tank or sink.


  • The beans in the bean tank should be kept for no more than 3 days, and the water in the water tank should not be stuck for more than 3 days.
  • To replace beans of different flavors, it is better to do the cleaning first, avoid mixing and influence the taste;
  • If there are any conditions, it is necessary to use pure water (such as water dispenser for drinking water) to reduce scale and prolong the life of the machine.
  • The adjustment of the coarseness of the ground bean grinder should be adjusted during use to adjust the third cup as a reference;
  • Adjust the height of the coffee (some of it is to adjust the waste water's tank and tray), which can slightly affect the temperature of the coffee.
  • If the auto coffee machine fails to solve malfunction, please find the professional coffee machine maintenance company.

Cleaning and maintenance suggestions:

  • Daily cleaning, automatic cleaning, coffee making machine cleaning, waste water tank cleaning, waste residue box cleaning;
  • If it is a place of business, office, etc., if the number of cups is more, it should be removed at least once a month (usually more than 200 cups need to be removed);
  • In use, the machine is sent back to the store for a thorough cleaning every six months.
  • If the machine is not used for a long time, please clean the machine and let the machine dry naturally. Without the power supply, do not use the heat source (such as heat blower and other equipment).
  • In addition to automatic cleaning of the machine, please pay attention to power off during cleaning.

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