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The Use Method and Advantages of Kebab Machine

The Use Method and Advantages of Kebab Machine The Use Method and Advantages of Kebab Machine

 1. Installation and commissioning of shawarma kebab machine before use:
1). The machine can be used after it is smoothly connected.
2). Check the power supply and switch before starting.
3). Is there any abnormal sound when the airplane is running?
4). Whether the heating pipe is heated when heating.
5). Gas-fired barbecue machine, check whether the air passage interface is leaking. Before ignition, we must see whether the infrared burning plate is burning.
2. Use of shawarma kebab machine:

1). More than ten kinds of condiments were used to marinate beef, sheep and chicken.
2). Put the selected meat material on the steel label and install it in the warehouse. Close the door of the warehouse and open the switch of the motor to make it run normally.
3). Open the heating switch, electric heating pipe or gas heating, electric heating gas ignition switch, let the infrared heating plate burn.
4). After being heated and roasted, slices of meat are cut off from the barbecue column, and salad and ingredients are added to the special bread.
Advantages: Barbecue has the advantages of fast on-site production, strong visibility, turning and cutting while eating. Under the action of light and heat, barbecue has fresh meat, bright color, delicious fragrance, non-greasy and balanced nutrition.
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