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The Rise Of Cafes In The Center Of First-Tier Cities

The Rise Of Cafes In The Center Of First-Tier Cities The Rise Of Cafes In The Center Of First-Tier Cities

Traditionally, first-tier cities cafes can be broadly divided into two categories: one is the brand chain stores such as Starbucks; one is a variety of famous nameless street shop. In recent years, with the rise of the Internet, a new class cafe which is warmly welcomed in the net is rising.  The first wave of street shop differentiation is the emergence of a variety of boutique coffee shops. The price of Starbucks is even higher, but it provides higher-quality hand-punch or trickling filters. This is similar to the rise of Huawei in the Android Market. The second wave is the net red shop, "good looking barista + zero cash drink ", which is "self-service card + takeaway" mode, which takes the use of social media burst to access the passenger flow and maximize takeaway to increase profits, which is similar to the outbreak of Xiaomi in Android market. The third wave of the moment is the "convenience store alternative" that takes place in the city center. In other words, the original location of the convenience store now turns into a cafe. Take Shanghai for an example, The density of the old city center is high, and about 200 meters will crisscrogate. In the past, the pattern is that the center of the staggered point or the crossroads mostly open small supermarkets or convenience stores. What is happening now is that the small supermarket or large convenience store at this crossroad is being replaced directly by the center's coffee shop.  Such a direct replacement for small supermarkets or large convenience stores in the center of the coffee shop has the following three characteristics. First, large-scale, this scale is three times than the traditional streets and even more five times than the store; Second, long operating time, two shifts from 7 am to 10 pm and even longer. The business hours is not only 50% than the street shops but also comparable to the supermarket convenience store even better than that; Third, the morning and evening take-away bread, the proportion of light food business overwhelmed the proportion of drinking coffee. The increase and reversion of the new international population and wealth, no-child families in downtown Tier 1 cities are truly hands-on cafes. The new international population in the center of first-tier cities and the affluence of increasing-flow and return-flow in the families which is the real thriving promoter for cafes without any children.
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