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The Kitchen Equipment in the Fast Food Restaurant

The Kitchen Equipment in the Fast Food Restaurant The Kitchen Equipment in the Fast Food Restaurant

The quality of catering products depends not only on the skill of the chef and the quality of raw materials but also on production equipment. Therefore, the restaurant should pay special attention to kitchen equipment and equipment management.

The basic requirements of the kitchen equipment for fast food restaurant are roughly the same, and the following features should generally be included: durable, anti-wear, anti-pressure, anti-corrosion; able to move and perform well; required specification of kitchen design layout; reasonable price and beautiful appearance. The equipment material should be non-toxic, tasteless and does not affect the product quality. And the equipment surface is smooth, clean and easy to maintain and wash.

Kitchen equipment and appliances play a key role in the quality of catering products. Therefore, the restaurant should follow the following requirements when choosing kitchen equipment. The equipment should be practical: the restaurants have to produce a variety of food products, and different products need to use different food cookers.

Planned purchase: modern kitchen equipment has the characteristics of high price and energy consumption. Therefore, the restaurant should plan to purchase the kitchen equipment according to the actual application. But in the purchase, it is necessary to pursue the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, and good quality.

Procurement and configuration of kitchen equipment:

Consider the economic benefits of the equipment:  besides the cost of procurement, the cost of kitchen equipment should include: installation fee, usage fee, maintenance fee and insurance premium. Due to the influence of various factors, the performance of different equipment is different, so its value is different. Some of the less expensive equipment needs to be maintained frequently in use, and the cost is higher. And some of the higher prices of equipment are stronger and durable, not only save manpower and energy but also save the cost of use. We should depend on the circumstances to purchase.

Evaluation of equipment production performance: the production performance of kitchen equipment directly influences the quality and production efficiency of catering products. Therefore, before the purchase, the relevant staff should evaluate the production performance of the equipment one by one according to the specific requirements of the kitchen.

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