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The Functions and Factors of  Baker

The Functions and Factors of Baker's Exhibition Cabinets The Functions and Factors of  Baker

What factors should we pay attention to when we choosing  baker’s exhibition cabinets ?  Now let’s see some key points for choosing: 1 Exhibition: Showing bread and cakes in a better way. Nowadays advanced baker’s exhibition cabinets have multi-angle HD display effect which makes the food looks more beautiful and attractive and raises the appetite of consumers. The height of baker’s exhibition, the angle of windows, the layout of products inside of the cabinets, the degree of clarity, the design of door’s switch, all of the factors above can make the exhibition attractive, intensifying the customers' shopping experience. Nowadays the outer design of baker’s exhibition cabinets have become more and more fashionable and modern and can match up with the high interior design standard fully. 2 Keep fresh You need to keep all the cakes, breads and other food that put inside of the baker’s exhibition cabinets fresh. The temperature is about 2-8 degree. As the consumers become more strict with the fresh taste of cakes or breads, the temperature controller is very important. Nowadays the advanced baker’s exhibition cabinets should be: (1) HD display, better visual effect, more internationalized exterior. Having cambered or right-angled appearance, humanized design such as large glass window, which makes consumers much more convenient to select. (2) Have advanced temperature control system, refrigeration technology is both effective and steady. (3) Have advanced double press frozen and cold storage transform system, frozen and cold storage exchange anytime. (4) Have fast and effective reverse cycle system, save time, save energy. It has features and characteristics of higher energy efficiency, better cooling effect, and a more stylish appearance and better display effect.
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