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The Function Of The Design Of Open Kitchen Counter In Holiday Apartment

The Function Of The Design Of Open Kitchen Counter In Holiday Apartment The Function Of The Design Of Open Kitchen Counter In Holiday Apartment

1. Customize multi-function bar, make breakfast, read newspapers or drink coffee.  Although the kitchen designs of holiday apartment belong to the category of commercial kitchen designs, they are different from the designs of the hotel and restaurant, in order to create an environment that makes guests feel at home. It needs to consider the overall style, function and customer experience.
The irregular bar in the middle of the kitchen can take on a lot of functions, and the customized bar is not limited to that. In the early morning, here is the place to make breakfast and read the newspaper; At dinner time, here is the table again; When guests come to a party or on vacation, the wine storage area beneath the bar play a role, where guests can sit and chat and drink with relatives or friends. Originally, the function of the kitchen is not limited to cooking, and it still can satisfy a variety of functions. Second, the kitchen independent bar and the sex life is on the bar side. The kitchen that in modern house is not only the place that cooks a dish, and it has become the place that is full of interest. "Live in the kitchen", the kitchen has become the main character of apartment space. As the independent open kitchen of social place, use toughened glass as partition, daylighting is reasonable, the layout is fluent, making space is contemporary and fashionable. Thirdly, the bar can also play a part in dividing the kitchen and the living room. The position of the counter in the kitchen is a wall that separates the kitchen and the dining room, and it has been designed into a stylish bar. The function of the temporary serving of the small bar satisfies the need for breakfast. Whether it's a family dinner or a friend's party, the kitchen interacts with the restaurant through the bar and becomes a very useful place to serve food such as dishes and fruits. Forth, the small table and the bar are combined into one, which can be used to solve the problem of eating. The restaurant is divided into two parts including the main table area and the bar area. In the bar area, the stainless steel lamp is decorated, several red chairs make the color and the style of the bar area more lively. When the guests are on holiday, the three of them are able to solve the meals' problem at will, without having to bring the meal to the main table. A small bar can bring so many benefits to the design of the apartment and everyone's life, and make the whole kitchen look more stylish and emotional.
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