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The Fourth (Jinan) Food Processing & Packaging Machinery Exhibition Notification

The Fourth (Jinan) Food Processing & Packaging Machinery Exhibition Notification The Fourth (Jinan) Food Processing & Packaging Machinery Exhibition Notification

The fourth (Jinan) food processing & packaging machinery exhibition will be conducted in 2015. Food packaging machinery industry is one of the important industries for the food industry to provide technology and equipment, which plays an important role in the development of food industry. The technical level of food processor machinery is an important indicator to measure the technical equipment ability of the food industry.

Below is the exhibition information:

Time: from April 22 to April 24, 2015

Venue: Jinan International Exhibition Center

Promotion plan:

Professional media cooperation: cooperate with 15 integrated mass media, 280 websites and more than 120 professional magazine advertising, more than 200 blogs and BBS, 500,000 business letters, sent 500,000 text messages once a month, more than one million E-mails, which make strong propaganda for the exhibition.

National exhibition publicity: the organizing committee assigned service staff from the business department and customer department to attend all the related exhibitions about food machinery in domestic. And make on-site investment promotion and audience organization, promote deeply aiming at national industry insiders.

The Fourth (Jinan) Food Processing & Packaging Machinery Exhibition scope:

Food Processor: leisure food processing machinery, meat processing machinery, and flour products processing machinery, food deeply processing machinery, convenient food processing machinery, fruit and vegetable processing machinery, bean products processing machinery, beverage processing machinery, milk and dairy processing machinery, canned food processing machinery, candy processing machinery, aquatic products processing machinery, baking equipment, refrigeration & frozen equipment, etc.

Food packaging equipment: printing machines, labeling machines, packing machines, printing machines, capper, case sealing machines, packing machines, wrapping package machines, strapping machine, container machine, filling machine, snack containers processing machinery, packaging machinery control equipment, cleaning machinery, secondary packaging equipment, packaging materials, color box, color printing, etc.

Supporting equipment: starch and starch products processing machinery, water treatment machinery, sterilization machine/dryer, cooking equipment, hotel equipment and kitchen equipment, instrumentation, sensors, air compressor, frequency converter, hydraulic pneumatic components, measuring transmission device, heat exchanger, automation control, weighing equipment and pipe/valve/pump, variable speed mechanical equipment and other transmission and control equipment.

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