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The Experts Tell You How To Choose Cooking Range?

The Experts Tell You How To Choose Cooking Range? The Experts Tell You How To Choose Cooking Range?

Soup rice machine adopts electric energy heating, which integrates energy saving, environmental protection, automation, and controllable numerical control. According to the operation, it can be divided into table clay pot and vertical clay pot. According to the functional characteristics, it can be divided into the single-head clay pot, two-head clay pot, four-head clay pot, six-head clay pot, eight-head clay pot, and so on. It is a safe and convenient cooking stove.

Characteristics of Cooking Range

Freeing up furnace adopt direct fire no clean furnace head, electronic lighter body, the thick stainless steel shell, electronic assembly plenum, energy-saving stoves. When water boils, until after boiling, you will find that pot is full of bubbles, and not just in the middle. The heating is uniform, and the carbon monoxide emissions are only 0.032% after suspension, which is far below the national environmental standards. No smoking pot, rust, no blockage, safety insurance.

As a new type of cookware in the market of cookware, the cooker breaks the traditional way of cooking. Working principle of electromagnetic heating is high frequency's current in the coil plate tong, the coil plate of the axial magnetic field on both sides. When the iron pots in a magnetic field within the scope of pots that cutting dumpling variable magnetic field lines and at the bottom of the pot with alternating current (eddy current), eddy current to make POTS iron molecules, high speed has no regulation motion molecular collision, friction and generate heat makes itself to high fever, used for heating and cooking food, so as to achieve cooking.

Rational Energy Analysis Of Cooking Range

Electric power heating, intelligent control, no lampblack, no pollution. It integrates energy saving, environmental protection, automation, and controllable numerical control. It is easy to operate, boil, bake, stew, and combine. The cooker is used for a low pressure independent regulating valve, and it can be disassembled and used in a very convenient, stainless steel structure. It is a good equipment for the catering industry.

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