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The Cooking Range The Cooking Range

Although we wipe the cooking range every day, the range is greasy. With these tips,  the stove doesn' need to be wiped for half a year.

We all know that the kitchen is the most soot place at home, especially when we are cooking. We will inadvertently drop the oil on the cooking range when we are frying. It's really a trouble to wipe the kitchen table several times after we finish the meal. In particular, in some dead corners, if you don't promptly clean them up, they will form greasy dirt with time goes. It looks awful. The following are some small tricks that can help people to remove oil from the kitchen easily.

We can use toothpaste to remove oil pollution:

First of all, we can use toothpaste to clean the range cookers Apply the toothpaste directly to the greasy spot. After two minutes, wipe with a half wet towel, and the oil can be cleaned quickly. When you are cleaning the cooking range, the oil pollution at the gap should not be omitted. This kind of cleaning method is not only convenient but also can clean more thoroughly and the range cookers is cleaner.

We can use white vinegar to remove oil pollution:

Secondly, we can use white vinegar to clean the cooking range.  Prepare two teaspoons of vinegar, poured it into the container, then add 200 ml warm water to mix. After mixing, scrub with a sponge or a rag with a small amount of liquid. Soon after that, it will be found that the oil pollution on the range will be slowly broken down, then we should use cleaning agent to clean and the cooking range will be cleaned. In addition, the radish skin is also a good cleaning tool. When we cut the radish,  it can be used instead of a rag, and it can save the rag. We can take a little detergent on radish skin and wipe it evenly on the gas cooker. The effect is very good. This practice is very economical and saves resources. In fact, we can also prepare some small tools for better effect.

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