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The 7th Asian Food Equipment Forum

The 7th Asian Food Equipment Forum The 7th Asian Food Equipment Forum

The 7th Asian Food Equipment Forum To interpret the intelligent trend of food packaging and processing equipment in China, Japan, and South Korea.

On December 18, 2017, a food industry brainstorming summit— the 27th annual meeting of the China food and packaging machinery industry association and the 7th Asian Food Equipment Forum,with new thought, new kinetic energy, and the new economy as the theme, was held in Huaian, Jiangsu smoothly. 

The 7th Asian Food Equipment Forum

"Our economy has shifted from high speed to high-quality development stage, and the current economy has gradually entered into the new normal state. The process of transformation and upgrading of the food industry and food processing machinery industry has been obviously accelerated. The automatic and intelligent level of food production in the fields of traditional acid production, pasta and meat have been continuously improved, and leisure food has been developing rapidly. Emerging industries, such as the central kitchen of public catering, are speeding up." the chairman Chu Yufeng said in the opening ceremony.

This forum discussed following questions such as "intelligent manufacturing promoting transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry", "the current situation of the development of packaging machinery in South Korea", " the development trend of intelligent manufacturing of Japan's food machinery", "how to solve the digital transformation in food industry with the help of SAP", etc. one after another. Hong Chunyou, the minister of the South Korea packaging machinery association, gave a brief introduction to the history of packaging machinery in South Korea. 

He pointed out that the number of South Korean packaging machinery enterprises grew rapidly, and small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for the majority. By 2017, the packaging machinery market scale in South Korea has reached $1 billion, and the main products include bag packaging machines, rod packaging machines, blister packaging machines, carton packaging machines, stretch wrapping machines and detectors, etc. 

With China's strong rise in the industries of Internet, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and big data, China's food and equipment manufacturing industry, with the call of the government's and efforts of associations at all levels, will definitely create a comprehensive integration of new technologies, new science and traditional manufacturing industries, and help the food and equipment manufacturing industry to enter a new stage of rapid development and all-round innovation.

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