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Table—Style Refrigerating Cabinet

Table—Style Refrigerating Cabinet Table—Style Refrigerating Cabinet

To meet the requirement of customers, Shinelong, the world’s leading facilitator of commercial cold chain solution, has put forward its high—end cake refrigerator and a series of display cabinet of ice cream. These products attract many customers to consult and purchase due to its outstanding appearance and quality of top grade.
The commercial refrigerator for high—end baking and ice cream display cabinet in Shinelong have four leading technologies, which can solve the difficulties of retailer in professional store fully: the first is the high—definition display, having a better visual effect; the second is its application of temperature—control system, having a faster cooling effect; the third is to apply the advanced dicaryon transcription system of refrigeration and freezing, which can switch to either of them at ease; the fourth is to apply reverse defrost system efficiently, saving the time and energy. The commercial refrigerator in Shinelong for cake and ice cream display cabinet can satisfy the users and customers’ experience wholly. From the perspectives of users, apart from the provided high—definition effect, easy cleaning, low noise and high performance, this series of products has the international outstanding appearance, meeting the requirements of showing the high—end shop front a lot and leveling up the representing effect. From the experience of customers, this series of products is designed with unique temperature—control, further offering the best taste of food for customers. As for its appearance, it takes advantage of humanized design of the arc case and the large glass window, which are not only convenient for users, but also reflect the best height of product and the angle of overlooking and viewing, so that it is more convenient for customers to choose and buy.

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