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Six Common Problems of Baker

Six Common Problems of Baker's Exhibition Cabnit Six Common Problems of Baker

There would be some unavoidable problems when you have just started using baker exhibition cabinets. Now let’s show some problems that we may have when using baker’s exhibition cabinets and find out the solutions. 1 The first time for using It needs to start with the cabinets empty and wait for 40 minutes until the temperature comes down slowly, then put drinks and don’t put all the drinks for one time, suggesting that users take three or four times to put all the drinks. New machines would be steady after 24 hours. 2 Glasses get fogged Some glass door of freezers doesn’t have the function of fog dislodging. The glass door would get frosted in wet days. We can use close to wipe or turn the temperature of freezer 2 degrees higher in order to reduce fog or users can start it if they have installed air-conditions in their shops. Another way is to use fans to blow toward the freezer. 3 Drips appear in the freezer This is just a reminder to set the cleaning condenser especially when leaving the freezer. It usually has a reminder after the freezer leaves factory for 90 days(two or three months). 4 No electricity in freezer Whether no power at all or the indicator light is on. You can change one socket if there is no electricity. (maybe the socket is broken). You need to press the power key for three seconds to start rather than just one time. Some temperature controller show “- - -” and this means you have not started yet and you need to press the power key for three seconds. 5 the temperature controller shows def This means the fog inside of the freezer is melting. The freezer would melt every four or five hours and it takes half an hour to melt. The temperature would be relatively higher when melting. This is a normal phenomenon. The finished frost freezer returned to normal temperature. 6 Control the temperature of freezers in the convenience store Press the SET key for three seconds and it would appear a reversed F5, then press the SET key again and you can control the temperature. The temperature would preserve automatically.
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