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 Shopping Skills Of Beverage Display Cabinets For Large Commercial Brands

 Shopping Skills Of Beverage Display Cabinets For Large Commercial Brands  Shopping Skills Of Beverage Display Cabinets For Large Commercial Brands

Beverage cabinets can be seen in large supermarkets and convenience stores in streets. Generally speaking, how big is the size of a beverage cabinet? Before choosing and buying drinks counters in supermarkets, they should consider their own methods of businesses and must have comprehensive consideration in many aspects to understand the product’s quality, performance, specifications, scopes of application and price to make a suitable choice. Here is a simple introduction to the size and shopping skills of supermarket beverage cabinets.

What are the shopping skills of beverage refrigeration display cabinets in convenience stores?


First of all, we should carefully check the freezers in convenience stores. The doors of beverage cabinets in convenience stores should be square without skewed deformation to see whether the cabinet body is broken. Secondly, check whether there are spots, bubbles and scratches in the surface coating and whether there is a small area of coating falling off. In addition to modeling color, pay attention to whether there are peeling off and the phenomenon of uneven brightness. Connect the power; adjust the temperature; let the automatic controller stop and open many times to check whether the temperature control device is reliable and effective.

Air cooling mode is to use cooling air to achieve refrigeration; the refrigeration efficiency is very high; the speed is fast; the temperature distribution is even. But the structure is relatively complex, so the cost is relatively high. In general, it is mostly used in beverage cabinets with large capacity in the convenience store. In addition, there are also a few beverage cabinets in convenience stores, which adopts a direct cooling mode. The beverage cabinets in convenience stores use evaporators to dissipate heat and refrigerate through the natural flow of air in beverage cabinets in convenience stores. Refrigeration speed is slow, but it costs low power, with low noise, good preservation ability and durability.

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