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Shinelong Group Journey to Thailand

Shinelong Group Journey to Thailand Shinelong Group Journey to Thailand

In late February of 2014, Shinelong organizes a group journey to Thailand where we have established quite a lot of remarkable business relationships since Shinelong set up by kitchen equipment. We have a nice time together Meanwhile the love between each other and bond of this team grow stronger and stronger.

Thailand is a fabulous country with a prosperous tourism, every year, thousands of tourists all over the world visit there to have fun. Thailand is not only a relaxing holiday resort but also the hometown of Shinelong's friends who helped start Thailand kitchen equipment market and support it to grow up. In such a lovely place, we enjoy riding elephants, drifting, driving, watching transvestite show, watching Thai women boxing show, wandering at the night market, tasting various Thai food and so on. Every one of Shinelong has an amazing journey there.

It’s said that life is a journey, we learn things on the way, some are bitter, some are sweet, but they all make us grow up. Journey also gives inspiration, Thailand- with various tasty cuisines and a large kitchen equipment market, gives Shinelong team plenty of ideas about design and business expanding.

We are looking forward to Shinelong's wisdom sparkles shining from poles to poles.

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