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Shawarma Kebab Machine

Shawarma Kebab Machine Shawarma Kebab Machine

The barbecue fast food originated from the ancient barbecue banquet in the court of the Turkish Empire, and then spread to the people. Because of its simplicity, rapidity and delicious taste, it has spread all over the Middle East. In the 1960s, it was introduced into Europe and the United States. After continuous improvement and standardization, it has formed a complete and simple system of joint operation. Now it has become one of the mainstream foods of leisure fast food all over the street. The spectacular barbecue column and the overflowing fragrance are full of streets and lanes, shopping malls, restaurants, stations, playgrounds and residential areas. It has become a beautiful landscape in the streets of Europe and America. Its enduring hot scenes are amazing and lingering.
The Principle of kebab machine
The working principle of the kebab machine is that a rotating electric heating and a gas barbecue machine are used to heat and cook the meat, then a piece of it is cut off from the barbecue column, and salad dishes and ingredients are added to the special cake. It has strong visibility, on-site production, and is popular in Europe and the United States. It has become one of the mainstream Street leisure fast food in various countries.
Characteristics of kebab machine
All stainless steel housing, deceleration motor combination, designed with advanced technology. The overall use of transverse drawer structure, mainly by the oven body, electric heat pipe, power connection box, barbecue rack. The oven drives the kebabs to rotate automatically by the heat of the electric heat pipe and the micro-motor mounted on the barbecue rack to make the kebabs. By using the oven, the cooked meat kebabs have uniform color, delicious taste, fast ripening speed, avoiding environmental pollution and improving the hygiene level. The product is simple in manufacture and low in cost.
Classification of kebab machine
Gas barbecue machine is a new type of AC/DC battery dual-purpose kebab machine. The imported infrared board is absolutely no open fire, smoke-free, arc glass door display effect. Electric kebab machine is a kind of luxury infrared intelligent electronics introduced, developed and manufactured. Electric kebab machine absorbs foreign advanced technology, uses high-temperature infrared light and heat energy, uniform temperature, strong penetration. It has the function of sterilization and disinfection, and can naturally enhance the fragrance and remove the fishy smell. And with curved glass door display effect, clean and generous.
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