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Safe Use of High Pressure Fryer! Do You Know all these Precautions and Taboos?

Safe Use of High Pressure Fryer! Do You Know all these Precautions and Taboos? Safe Use of High Pressure Fryer! Do You Know all these Precautions and Taboos?

High pressure fryer is already one of the most "long history" in the kitchen of countless families. People love it for its time-saving, efficient and energy-saving, but also criticize its "flammable and explosive" to a certain extent. Indeed, the praise and criticism of high-pressure fryers on the market has been polarized, and accidents due to improper use of high-pressure fryers are also common. So today, let's talk about some noteworthy matters and taboos in the use of high pressure fryers.
Taboo 1: improper selection
The choice of high pressure fryer is very sophisticated. First of all, we must purchase high pressure fryers selectively. We must select high pressure fryers with brand, manufacturer, instruction and qualified quality. In addition, according to their own requirements, we should also learn to choose different materials for high pressure fryers, from raw materials, generally divided into aluminum, Aluminum alloy and stainless steel three kinds. Three kinds of materials have their own characteristics: aluminium is light in weight, fast in heat transfer and cheap in price, but long-term use will increase the absorption of Aluminium elements, which is harmful to health. Aluminum alloy is better than pure aluminium products, durable and strong. Stainless steel pressure cooker is expensive, but it is heat-resistant, beautiful, not easy to react with acid, alkali and salt in food, and its longest service life can reach more than 30 years.

Taboo 2: Do not check before use
The inspection before using the high pressure fryer is the first step to ensure the safe use of users. When using, first of all, we should carefully check whether the exhaust holes are unblocked and whether the holes under the safety valve seat are blocked by residual grain or other food residues. If food is blocked during use, the pot should be removed from the fire source. After forced cooling, the stomata can be cleaned to continue to use. Otherwise, food in use will spray and burn people. Also check whether the rubber gasket is aging. Rubber sealing rings will age after a period of time. The aging rubber ring is easy to leak the high pressure fryer, so it needs to be updated in time.

Taboo 3: Pressure without authorization
This is probably the most common mistake our older generation made when using high pressure fryers, and of course one of the most dangerous ones: "Pressure without authorization". Sometimes, in order to blindly pursue the fast cooking process, users arbitrarily increase the weight on the pressure valve, which increases the pressure in the pot and forcibly shortens the production time. No one knows that the pressure in the pot has strict technical parameters. Ignoring this scientific design is tantamount to making fun of one's own life, which will result in serious consequences of human injury caused by pot explosion. In addition, when using, if the fusible metal sheet on the pot falls off, it is not allowed to be replaced by other metal blockages, and the same parts should be replaced.

Taboo 4: Ignoring the Temperature
The use of high pressure fryer is very particular about the temperature, especially do not overburn. After heating, as long as the steam in the pot emits a large "hissing" sound from the exhaust pipe, the furnace temperature can be lowered, so that the pressure limiting valve keeps a light hissing sound until cooking is finished. This is safe, time-saving and fuel-saving. Similarly, in the heating process, never open the lid halfway, so as to avoid heat injury. Do not remove the hammer or pressure regulator before final confirmation of cooling, so as not to spout food and hurt people. The cap should be opened only after natural or forced cooling.
Taboo 5: Improper Cleaning
Although we recommend that users should clean the high pressure fryer in time after using it, especially check whether the safety plug contains food accumulation and residue. But also please remember that there is a protective layer outside the pressure cooker, so to maintain the appearance of the cooker, do not use sharp tools such as knives, scissors, shovels and other cleaning, otherwise the pot will easily become convex and concave shape, or be shoveled out of a vertical scratch, which will damage the protective layer.
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