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Pressure cooker principle

Pressure cooker principle Pressure cooker principle

The pressure cooker is also called a high-pressure cooking, which can heat the cooked food to more than 100 C. With its unique high temperature and pressure function, it greatly shortens the cooking time and saves energy. However, pressure cooker with high working pressure also causes great damage to nutrition. Pressure cooker is easy to use, time-saving and labor-saving. It is popular with housewives. However, many people worry that pressure cooker is so high that it will destroy the nutrition of food. In fact, compared with atmospheric cooking, pressure cooker has the characteristics of high pressure, high temperature, short cooking time, and can form a certain degree of vacuum, which makes high-pressure cooking in the preservation of nutrients. There are certain advantages.

The principle of pressure cooker is very simple, because the boiling point of water is affected by the pressure. The higher the pressure, the higher the boiling point. On the high mountains and plateau, the air pressure is less than 1 atmospheric pressure, water can boil at less than 100 degrees Celsius, and eggs are not cooked well with ordinary pots. When the air pressure is greater than one atmospheric pressure, water will boil only when it is higher than 100 degrees Celsius. People now use this principle to design the pressure cooker. The pressure cooker closes the water very tightly. The steam generated by the evaporation of water can not diffuse into the air. It can only be kept in the pressure cooker, so that the pressure inside the pressure cooker is higher than one atmospheric pressure, and the water should be higher than one atmospheric pressure. Boiling at 00 C, so that the pressure cooker inside the formation of high temperature and pressure environment, rice is easy to cook quickly, of course, the pressure in the pressure cooker will not be unlimited, or it will become a bomb.
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