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New Member of Commercial Kitchen Equipment - Griddle

New Member of Commercial Kitchen Equipment - Griddle New Member of Commercial Kitchen Equipment - Griddle

We can meet all kinds of delicious snacks on the street, such as iron plate meat, iron steak, iron plate seafood, but they rarely pay attention to such delicious food what is done by. Actually what makes so many delicious food tool is a very common gas preheat. It is also the kitchen equipment of the great hotel kitchen because of the sanitary, safe and fast gas. The following Shengyilong kitchen equipment will analyze the new member of the commercial kitchen equipment for you from a professional perspective.

Griddle's using sites: in the hotel, restaurant, leisure food store, restaurant, canteen, snack bar, etc. It is suitable for the station, school, supermarket, night market, wholesale market, market, and pedestrian mall.

It can be used to make soup and cook Fried food. It is equipped with fire, straight fire heating, high heat efficiency, fast food cooking, free control of outer ring, inner ring fire. It is convenient and practical with the luxurious exterior design. The overall structure is safe and reasonable.

It is all stainless steel manufacturing with new electronic ignition function.

Gas griddle's cleaning and maintenance:

  • When it is cleaned up, the power should be cut off to prevent accidental accidents.
  • Clean the surface of the furnace surface and the power supply on the surface of the clean furnace surface and the power supply line when the work is completed every day.
  • Clean the water in the oil basin in time to prevent overflow.

Furnotel Kitchen Equipment is one of the leading commercial griddle manufacturers at home and abroad. Welcome to contact us!
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