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The arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival triggered the climax of bakery equipment sales

The arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival triggered the climax of bakery equipment sales The arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival triggered the climax of bakery equipment sales

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, the bread and pastry classes are entering the sales season, and the two products are reported to be on sale at the Mid-Autumn festival for a third of the year. With the demand for bread and cakes, the sales of bakery equipment also entered a sales climax. And as the bakery equipment manufacturers coming into the busy stage, people who buy bread bakeries are in a constant stream. Many also struggle to open the bread shop, and a lot of people don't know what equipment to buy. How much money? What is the prospect of opening a bakery? What are preparations needed? Don't worry, our bakery will solve all your problems.

Generally, in the case of no rent, a 30 ~ 50 square meter store must be about 50000 yuan of money, including equipment such as ovens, proofing boxes, refrigerators, size mixers, consoles, etc.about 10,000 yuan; The equipment inputs such as roasting pan, various molds and knives need about 2,000 yuan: shelf, display cabinet about 5,000 yuan; The remaining raw materials, the running capital of the business license is about 10,000 yuan. The store with a slightly larger size of 100 square meters, with an investment of about RMB 100.15 million, will increase the cost of decoration.
The market prospect is good, cake bread is a repeat consumer food, but it doesn’t mean consumers will come to you for repeated consumption. How to bind the customer, why consumers will come to you rather than to others? what are the potential competitors? What are your strengths and core competencies? Store location? Cake variety? Smell? Or service attitude? To find a "bright spot" to attract customers to repeat consumption! The location of the cake shop and good location determine at least half of your income!

During the Mid-Autumn festival season, during the season of pastry and bread selling season, the company's bakery equipment electric oven caused the sales climax. People who are starting a business, or looking for a project, this will be a good choice!

If you are looking for bread baking equipment suppliers, welcome to contact us.
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