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Kitchen Design Principles for Small Restaurants | Kitchen Equipment for Small Restaurants

Kitchen Design Principles for Small Restaurants | Kitchen Equipment for Small Restaurants Kitchen Design Principles for Small Restaurants | Kitchen Equipment for Small Restaurants

Despite its small size, small restaurants not only have their own design features, but also follow the general design principles of commercial kitchens. Let's get to know the kitchen design principles of small restaurants.
I. Kitchen design principles of small restaurants - functional room settings
1. Don't separate the kitchen too much. Otherwise, it wastes space and is not conducive to communication between chefs.
2. Small hotels don't even need to have functional compartments. They just need to set up functional areas reasonably. Raw and cooked, hot and cold, dirty and clean can't be crossed.
3. The kitchen equipment in small restaurants conforms to the general usage habits and is easy to operate. Among them, smoke exhaust and steam generation equipment should be centralized to facilitate the installation of smoke exhaust system.
4. The distance between kitchen equipment and walls in small hotels should be well controlled. If it's too wide, it wastes area; if it's too narrow, it's not easy to use.
5. The selection of kitchen equipment in small hotels should meet the requirements of use, be qualified in quality, be insect-proof, fire-proof and durable.
2. Kitchen design principles of small restaurants - health and safety
1) Pay attention to timely cleaning, commercial stainless steel pools are essential, especially stainless steel pools, which can meet the needs of cleaning food materials and cleaning utensils. Garbage collection and timely cleaning.
2. Fire extinguishers should be equipped in the kitchen of small restaurants in case of emergencies.
A. The exhaust ventilation in the kitchen of the small hotel should be in place, otherwise the lampblack will affect the health of the staff and affect their mood and work efficiency. The lampblack machine should be cleaned regularly to remove fire hazards.
B. The potential set in kitchen of small hotel should be arranged reasonably, convenient to use and not easy to be damp and short-circuit danger. The setting potential should be sufficient and the equipment should not be overloaded.
C. Kitchens in small restaurants need to be equipped with fresh-keeping kitchen equipment to keep food fresh and avoid deterioration of food materials affecting human health.
These are the kitchen design principles and kitchen equipment of small hotels.
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