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KFC Special pressure fryer

KFC Special pressure fryer KFC Special pressure fryer

As we all know, KFC has been a global leader in the fast food industry. Today we are talking about the KFC special frying furnace.

The special KFC pressure fryer has the following features:

1. All stainless steel fuselage, easy to clean and wipe, and long service life.

2. Aluminum pan cover, strong and light, easy to open and close.

3. Built-in filtration system. Oil can be recycled to save energy.

4. Four casters carrying large capacity and with brake function, easy to move and position.

5. Digital display control panel, more accurate and beautiful.

6. This machine has 1-10 storage keys, for 10 categories of food frying use.

7. Computer panel control, simple operation, temperature control, automatic pressure control and exhaust.

8. With the principle of low temperature and high pressure, the fried food is tender inside and bright in color. It can also be used for fried duck, fried chicken, fried chicken legs, chicken wings, fish, ribs and other kinds of meat and vegetable dishes, potatoes. It is suitable for all kinds of shops, hotels, fast food restaurants, snack food shops, factory canteens and self-employed households. With simple operation, no pollution, easy to use, high efficiency, long durability and so on, it is the world's latest food processing machinery and equipment.

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