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Is the Built-in Oven Suitable for Chinese Families?

Is the Built-in Oven Suitable for Chinese Families? Is the Built-in Oven Suitable for Chinese Families?

Everyone loves delicious food. Baked food has better color and taste and is more and more popular among people. You can't make delicious food without proper cooking utensils. In modern kitchens, ovens can be regarded as household necessities, but ovens producedby bakery deck oven manufacturers are divided into independent and embedded types. So is it independent or embedded? I believe you will have the answer after reading this! Baked food is popular for its color and taste  Independent ovens are actually more embedded,its volume is very compact, it can be placed in any position in the kitchen according to need, and it is convenient to use, its function program is simple, it is easier to use. But its capacity is generally small, generally speaking only about 20~30 liters, small volume is not convenient to cook large volume food, and the cooking efficiency is low, when family gathering or when many people have dinner, they will also be stretched. In addition, there is a very important point. Due to the small volume of the independent oven, the temperature difference between the internal position close to the heating tube and the center of the oven is large, so it is easy to see the phenomenon of uneven heating when baking food. By contrast, the advantages of embedded ovens are obvious, which are embodied in the following four aspects:

1. Integrate into the home decoration environment and make it more beautiful

Generally speaking, the volume of embedded oven is bigger than independent type, but it uses hidden installation way, the fuselage is integrated into ambry completely, won't occupy additional kitchen space instead, and now more and more families are more inclined to choose integral kitchen, embedded oven can be unified with household decoration style, this makes the whole kitchen space appear more orderly, harmonious, and looks more beautiful.

2. Greater capacity and easier baking of large size food

Compared with independent ovens, the capacity of embedded ovens is much larger, generally up to 60 to 70 liters or more, and the large volume can accommodate a large number of ingredients at a time. Of course, for larger meals, such as whole lamb chops, you can also cook them easily, especially if you have more family members or have a weekend meal. A large built-in oven will make you get more done with less effort.

3. The taste of the baked food is better

Compared to the stand-alone oven, the roasting process is more refined and professional besides the larger capacity. The embedded oven is generally built with a rich baking procedure, which can fully meet the needs of life, with a built-in fan cycle, which makes the heating speed fast, and the temperature control is more accurate, so that the food is heated more evenly, the baked food is full of color, fragrance and taste, and the taste is better.

4. The daily use of embedded oven is more safe

The oven heats the food through high temperature. The cabinet of the independent oven is exposed to the environment. And embedded oven box inlaid in the cabinet, so that in this way, the daily use process can greatly avoid the danger of being scalded, especially in the family with children, the embedded oven is relatively safer. 

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