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Industrial Meat Slicer

Industrial Meat Slicer Industrial Meat Slicer

The Industrial meat slicer is suitable for the large, medium and small meat processing plants, meat products slicer, and large meat slicer, which can slice massive meat, frozen meat and food to the particles from φ6 to φ16 mm, easy to clean. And the screw of the meat slicer, mesh and blade have a unique structure, which makes the grain of low-temperature processing of meat, grain clarity, etc., and it is the necessary equipment for meat products processing.

The contact part with the food is made of high-quality stainless-steel materials. Best Meat slicer, large meat slicer, and meat slicer structure design easy to be disassembled and cleaned, which meets the food hygiene requirements.

It can be used for meat products slicers, such as cold meat, frozen meat, frozen oil and peanut etc.

Industrial Meat Slicer Advantages:

  • Good universality, wide application scope, and high production efficiency.
  • It has the function of frozen meat, saving time, effort, preservation and quality.
  • The cutting process is short. Meat products slicer, large meat slicer, the temperature rise is low, good for preservation, extended maintenance period.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel body.
  • the Air-cooled motor is suitable for continuous work.
  • The worm type motor reducer is placed in the oil bath system, which not only improves the service life, but also makes the machine more secure and reliable at work.
  • Square bottleneck, high performance.
  • The stainless steel skewers are carefully designed to increase output.

Industrial Meat Slicer Function:

  • The function of slicing frozen meat.
  • The positive and negative transfer function, the possibility of the meat slicer blocking is zero.
  • Combination of various orifices and more suitable for different meat products.
  • Specific configuration: The stranding cage, the winch, and the reamer are made of SUS304. The meat products slicer, large meat slicer.

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