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Industrial Bain Marie

Industrial Bain Marie Industrial Bain Marie

Industrial Bain Marie is often visible on the market, which is a very practical equipment.It can be insulated various kinds of soup, and other food. The commercial Bain Marie is suitable for a series of places such as shop, market, night market, breakfast shop, hotel, hotel, etc. Industrial Bain Marie is convenient to operate, and it has small volume, beautiful modeling, adjustable temperature control range 30 ℃ -- 85 ℃. The structure is simple, economical and practical.

The insulation effect is particularly good, used in soup, food and other heating storage and heat preservation. Industrial Bain Marie price is very reasonable and has no sign, based on cost and design for the price. And small and medium-sized investors can buy this kind of equipment and it's also the most suitable investment for them. Industrial Bain Marie has reliable performance, high efficiency, reasonable for famous characteristics, high reputation and domestic sales across the country. It has exported to southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions,  has been popular with the most customers and it's convenient and practical; It's safe and reliable with high quality's stainless steel, beautiful appearance, clean sanitation, stamping forming of stainless steel Bain Marie and the layer. Its durability can be automatically entered into a state of heat preservation, overall foaming, thermal insulation, energy saving, environmental protection, the new control panel, convenient and practical.

It's safe and reliable with all quality stainless steel manufacturing, beautiful appearance, clean and hygienic. The price of the heat preservation soup pool is also in the land because it is the internationally recognized product approved by CE certification and 3C certification so that you can safely use it. The automatic thermostatic device of Industrial Bain Marie, safe and reliable Industrial Bain Marie, free adjustment of space structure. It is simple and economical and practical. It has a good function of heat preservation. It can also reflect fresh and small food, and it can adjust the heating plate and food plate with the expansion spring. The industrial heat preservation soup basin is designed by professionals and is a real economic and practical equipment.