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How to Use the Full Automatic Coffee Machine?

How to Use the Full Automatic Coffee Machine? How to Use the Full Automatic Coffee Machine?

What are the Precautions when Purchasing Automatic Coffee Machine?

Coffee machines have become more common in hotels, restaurants, and even families, and it is necessary to strengthen the understanding of the coffee machine even if it has become one of the necessary kitchen equipment. Then we will see how to use the fully automatic coffee machine, and what's the attention to the full-automatic coffee machine.

How to use the full-automatic coffee machine?

1. To make the coffee, first connect the power, the coffee machine must connect to the A/C socket. The voltage must be in accordance with the specified voltage indicated on the machine package. It is strictly forbidden to use the defective power cord. After plugging in the power supply, switch on the coffee machine.

2. Remove the lid of the bean box and put the beans into the bean box (the capacity of most fully automatic coffee machines will not exceed 400G) and fill it to 80%.

3. Remove the water tank from the machine, remove the cap of the water tank, and load the water with about 3/4 capacity. The valve at the bottom of the tank acts as the discharge of water. When the water tank is put back into the machine, the valve can be opened automatically, and the water tank is covered.

4. After finishing the above preparations, you can make coffee. On the body of the general automatic coffee machine, there are several key functions, such as "small cup", "big cup", hot water/steam, coffee powder and so on. Some do not use the power button, because it does not have a powder grain device, but only to use coffee beans. There are some coffee powder settings, coffee water (concentration) setting, double cups and other buttons, and the specific buttons are different depending on the machine. If you need a large cup of coffee, press the large cup button. To drink a small cup, press the small button.

5. If you need to make fancy coffee, you need to make a cup of espresso coffee in advance. Then use the latte cup to 1/3-1/2 full-fat milk to let the steam pipe touch the surface of the milk, about a point from the inside of the cup. Turn on the steam switch, and when the milk is about to fill the cup, turn off the steam and then remove the milk cup. Pour the foam into the freshly brewed coffee. This cup of fragrant CAPPUCCINO is ready.

Attention to the selection and purchase of a fully automatic coffee machine

1. If you are only for your own drinking, and you like to drink American coffee, it is recommended to buy a siphon pot and a small full automatic grinding. The mill is small, but it can adjust the particle size. The siphon pot is more professional when it comes to black coffee.

2. Most advanced automatic coffee machines use digital intelligent control. Its LCD screen can display work status at any time, such as when to add water, when to add beans, it is very simple to operate. Pay attention to this aspect of procuratorial work.

3. In function, the automatic coffee machine is divided into two kinds of automatic milk foam and manual large milk foam. In general, the price of automatic large milk foam is more expensive, and the quality is not good, so try not to choose the milk foam automatically.

4. In addition, the quality of the selected coffee machine must be excellent. Guangzhou Furnotel Kitchen Equipment Co. Ltd, it introduced the advanced technology of the Italian and Swiss coffee machines and has the guarantee for the after-sale.

The fully automatic coffee machine is a small household appliance in the hotel restaurant and the breakfast booth. Because compared with other types of coffee machines, the automatic coffee machine is easier to operate, more convenient to use and saves time, so it is welcomed by consumers. How to use the fully automatic coffee machine is a simple problem. It is familiar with several operations. The important thing is to pick up the matters needing attention in the automatic coffee machine and it needs to be carefully grasped. Of course, the semi-automatic coffee machine is a good choice if you want to get more fun with the coffee.

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