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How to Use A Commercial Meat Slicer?

How to Use A Commercial Meat Slicer? How to Use A Commercial Meat Slicer?

1. Before using, check whether the perforated knife plate and the cross blade is installed correctly or not, whether the end cap is tightened or not, and whether there is any debris piled on the commercial meat slicer or whether the small items fall into the machine.

2. Take out two steel wire combs, firstly idle running, and try to operate the clutch to check whether it is running freely or not, and check the running direction is inward and down.

3. When reinstalling the wire comb, please remember to install it properly.

4. Remove all bones from the processing meat, otherwise, the knives will be damaged. The meat should be cut into bar shape with the size less than the feed size.

5. Feed the meat bar to inlet by a clean special wooden stick (the wooden stick cannot be imported to the inlet). Never feed the meat by hands and never put your hands into the inlet, so as not to cause any harm. Don't take out the cutting meat material from the inlet by hands, and take out by the wooden stick.

6. After the meat is sliced, rinse the machine thoroughly with hot water. Do not wet the motor when rinsing. After idling running for a period of time, dry the machine and turn off the power. Then wipe the panel, in, et and outlet by a cloth. Don't touch the edge of the knife to avoid harm.

7. When using for the second time, please rinse the inlet and outlet firstly with hot water to remove the dirt and bacteria.

8. In the process of using, if the machine is running abnormally, turn off the power in time and use it after repairing.

9. Before feeding, turn on the power supply, press the green button to open, the machine will start to work, press the red button after cutting, the machine will stop running, and the power will be disconnected.

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