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How To Judge The Temperature Of Cake Showcase By Hand?

How To Judge The Temperature Of Cake Showcase By Hand? How To Judge The Temperature Of Cake Showcase By Hand?

In most cases, it is hard to measure the temperature of cake display Showcase with a thermometer, so we have to depend on our hands. But we are not familiar with the degree in which the temperature is normal. In order to better maintain cake display Showcase, we will take you to have a look at the temperature under what conditions is normal.

1. The influence of the temperature change of the refrigerator compressor casing of cooked food cabinet on the compressor and the refrigeration system.  

The temperature field of enclosed reciprocating piston compressor chassis appearance can be divided into two parts: the chassis is affected by suction vapor, so the temperature is lower in a slightly hot or cool range, estimated at about 30 ℃. There is a possibility of dew on the surface of the surrounding area of the suction tube.

2. The influence of discharge temperature

In the summer, the discharge temperature of the cooked food cabinet refrigeration compressor is high and we cannot touch by hand. According to the national standard, the discharge temperature of the refrigeration system of R22 should not exceed 150OC, when exceeds it would be considered as abnormal. The high discharge temperature is caused by the high temperature of air inhalation in the refrigeration compressor of the cooked food cabinet, or the high condensation temperature, which must be noticed. The discharge temperature is too low and when we touch bent-pipe we don't feel it hot, which indicates that the air intake temperature is extremely low, and the compressor may run on a wet stroke or in a very small operation state. The wet stroke of the refrigerating compressor of cooked food cabinet is easy to damage the valve structure; operating under the condition in which there are very few refrigerants will affect the winding heat dissipation of the motor and accelerate the aging of insulating materials. Always paying attention to the temperature of cake display Showcase will not only be conducive to the preservation of the cake and makes the cake presented in a better state to let consumers eat healthier cakes, but also extends the life of the cake Showcase.

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