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How to choose a cake display cabinet? What kind of cake cabinet is better?

How to choose a cake display cabinet? What kind of cake cabinet is better? How to choose a cake display cabinet? What kind of cake cabinet is better?

For a bakery, a fine cake display cabinet will bring more sales to the store. Why? Because the fine cake display cabinet can not only preserve the storage time of the cake, but also can achieve a fine display effect, impacting the customer's vision to make them desire to buy. How to decide whether this cake display cabinet is good or not, and what is the standard? Our company has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality cake display cabinets. In the refrigeration industry, we provide customers with the most effective purchase security and maintenance security! In 2017, it is rated as the top ten equipment enterprise in the baking industry. Let's simply tell you how the cake display is fine! 1. Glass is the key factor to show the cake.Therefore, the display glass of cake display cabinet should be made of thick glass with high transparency, so as to ensure that the collision of normal force will not crack. 2. The refrigeration system is equipped with high requirements, such as compressor, condenser, evaporator and transmission pipe. 3. The refrigeration heart "compressor" should adopt the compressor of famous brand with mute and low noise type. 4. Make sure that the door is pushed smoothly and conveniently. It will be easier for customers to buy later. 5. The air-cooled type is more suitable for storing cake than the straight cold type. The air-cooled automatic cream will not frost on the food, and the cold quantity is even. 6. LED lamps are adopted, and the energy and electricity saving is fine. 7. The cabinet body adopts high-density materials to ensure that the cabinet is not leaked when it is closed, so as to save energy and electricity. 8. The universal wheel used for cabinet movement shall be rugged and durable. These are some of the criteria for selecting a cake display cabinet. A good display cabinet can make your cake even more colorful, delicious, and enjoy taste bud, and the taste is absolutely an unforgettable memory.
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