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How Long Is The Life Of The Cake Showcase?

How Long Is The Life Of The Cake Showcase? How Long Is The Life Of The Cake Showcase?

The most important thing for a baker's shop is to keep clean. Only clean and tidy environment of a baker's shop can attract customers, so it's very important for a baker's shop to keep clean at any time. Compared with the environment of a baker's shop, the owners of a baker's shop need to pay more attention to the environment of baking cake showcase. Bacteria would reproduce soon if we can't clean baking showcase in time and keep the cake showcase clean and hygienic.. So how to clean baking showcase in a right way? Let Shengyilong introduce how to clean these baking showcases and these blind angles for you and return you a safe and tidy environment for reserving cakes.

1 You'd better clean the baker's exhibition showcase and the outer packing every day. Using the wet soft cloth to clean the baker's exhibition showcase, outer packing and the handle every day.

2 Turn off the power before you tidy the internal bladder. Take out the cake and material from the baker's exhibition showcase and freezer.

3 A soft cloth dipped in clean water or utensils and gently scrubbed, then use water to clean the detergent.

4 Split the attachment and use water or detergent to wash.

5 Please twist the rag or sponge to dry when cleaning the baker's exhibition showcase and other equipment such as switches, floodlights, temperature controller and so on.

6 After you clean the inner part, you can use soft close to dip with glycerin( Medical corsage) to clean the baker's exhibition showcase so it would be easier for next clean.

7 Use a close that have dipped with alcohol to clean the sealing strip. Use the same-size ratio of water and vinegar to clean the sealing strip if you don’t have alcohol and the disinfection effect would be very good.

8 Use the vacuum cleaner or soft brush to tidy the baker's exhibition showcase. Don't use the wet close to clean the ventilation grid in case of rust.

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