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High Pressure Fryer

High Pressure Fryer High Pressure Fryer

This kind of high pressure fryer is the newest tool for frying chicken which is made by absorbing the foreign advanced technology, according to the characteristics of production techniques of Western-style fried chicken and Chinese carbonado. The overall body is stainless steel, and it is front-panel control by computer. It is easy to operate, controlling the temperature and pressure and exhaust automatically.

With the principle of low temperature and high pressure, the fried food is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, with bright colors. This equipment can fry all kinds of meat such as duck, chicken, chicken drumsticks, chicken wings, fish and ribs as well as vegetable and potato. It is suitable to be used in all the big stores, hotels, fast restaurants, snack shops, factory canteens and individual operators. It possesses the characteristics of easy operation, zero pollution, convenient use , high efficiency and outstanding durability. It is the most up-to-date food processing machinery around the world.

Brief introduction of High-Pressure Fryer:

  • The high-pressure fryer is developed on the basis of the characteristics containing the western and Chinese style. The overall fryer is made of stainless steel. It is automatic electronic timing, automatic pressure for controlling exhaust, and over-pressure insurance.
  • The size of the fryer is small, free of pollution, with low consumption of energy. It is handy to use, sturdy and durable, having high efficiency.
  • The high-pressure fryer has adopted the principle of low temperature and high pressure, with bright colors. The food cooked smells delicious. This equipment can remain the original nutrient content of the food.

Features of High-Pressure Fryer:

  • Its body is stainless steel wholly, which can be cleaned and wiped easily, with long service life.
  • The pot cover is made of aluminum, which is firm and light so that it can be opened and closed conveniently.
  • It has the built-in filter system, and oil can be recycled. It is cost saving, automatic decompression, and exhaust, easy to use.
  • The four casters have a large capacity and are equipped with brake functions to facilitate movement and positioning
  • The control panel is a digital display, which is more accurate and beautiful.
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