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High Pressure Fried Chicken Fryer

High Pressure Fried Chicken Fryer High Pressure Fried Chicken Fryer

The high pressure fried chicken furnace, which is the newest type, is produced by adopting the foreign advanced technology, according to the production technique of western style fried chicken and traditional roast chicken. The overall body is stainless steel and front-panel control by computer. It is easy to operate, controls the temperature and pressure automatically to exhaust. It is applied the principle of low temperature and high pressure. The fried food is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, with bright colors, which can also fry duck, chicken, fried drumsticks, chicken wings, fish, and ribs as well as vegetable and potato. It is applicable to all supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, snack bar, the canteens in the industries and self-employed industrial and commercial household. It is handy to operate, without any pollution. It can be used conveniently, along with being high efficiency, sturdy and durable. It is the most up-to-date food processing machinery at present in China.

The method of operation of the fried chicken furnace:

1. Open the front door and put the brought fuel tank under the spot where is the place for oil. Turn off the oil valve, and use detergent with warm water to clean the dirt in the spot. After cleaning, Discharge the water and make it dried. Close the oil valve again, and pour out the water inside the spot, and put it back. Put the steel basket in the spot, adding about 30kg plant oil.

2. Press the power switch to make the lights up, and set the temperature at 120℃. Press the button to make the temperature go up, then the lights will turn on, and the spot begins heating. If the temperature reaches the setting one, the heating switch will go out automatically. At that time, to put the food on the spot, and use the spot cover. In order to prevent air leakage, the two screws in the side of the pot are combined into the screw holes and the seal is pressed down.

3. After frying every day, open the spot and oil valve, put some oil into the tank, making the debris precipitate to the bottom of the tank, and then clean up the oil. When it is used for the second time, remove the sediment.
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