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Gas Pressure Fryer

Gas Pressure Fryer Gas Pressure Fryer

Of technical scheme of the high pressure fryer gas as a fuel gas pressure of blast furnace by stent, the internal heating device of pot body, pot, the pot body is installed on the bracket, the pot body side with a side frame, on another side of corresponding with peg, side frame hinged on the cover on the pot pressure beam, beam pot pressure center is equipped with the hole, the screwing four-arm handle, on the pot body respectively tracheal tubing, security, security in trachea, in turn, is equipped with pressure gauge, pressure limiting valve, manual pressure release valve and electromagnetic pressure relief valve, described the electromagnetic pressure relief valve end with the silencer; The pot body is connected with smoke on one side and a gas burner and a heat transfer pipe at the bottom. The lower part of the pan is also equipped with a drain valve. The lower part of the drain valve is equipped with a storage tank and a strainer on the bracket. The main power distribution box and the electrical control box are respectively arranged on every side of the pot body. A suction pump is installed at one end of the storage tank, and the oil pump is equipped with a suction pipe, and a suction connection head is provided on the suction pipe. There is also a drain pipe on the pan.

The beneficial effects of this high-pressure Gas Pressure Fryer are below

1. Achieve precise pressure, temperature and time control during cooking. The utility model is used to minimize the requirements of the operator during cooking. At the same time, we can achieve the consistency of the color and aroma of food produced by different people at different times.

2. Improving production efficiency can reduce the unnecessary waste of manual operation in time and the unqualified food rate caused by improper operation of operators.

3. To reduce costs (here to add point) can filter cooking oil in the residue after cooking, prolong the service life of cooking oil, and on the technical requirements of operating people fell to the lowest, can easily achieve a person control many sets of machinery, cooking a variety of foods at the same time.
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